2015 River Cup

The 2015 River Cup was played April 18th, 2015 with The top Maryland team, Turf Valley, facing off against the top Virginia team, Washington Golf and Country Club.  The match was played on a beautiful spring day with each team hosting matches at their respective club.  Washington Golf and Country Club came out on top and took the Cup south of the Potomac.  This is the sixth year for the River Cup and each state has won it three times. 

We look forward to continuing this annual competition and thank George Bigus and Steve Sinclair from Virginia as well as our own Al Fritz and Joe Fields for their efforts in making the River Cup what it is today!



Prospect Bay defeated Army-Navy in the 2014 Annual River Cup.  The score was Maryland 11.0 to Virginia's 7.0.  The trophy is coming back north of the Potomac.  It will reside at prospect Bay so when you are down there take a minute to check it out.  Prospect Bay's Mike Larson, Mike Hargrave, Rob Harig, Sam DiPhilippo, and Tom Siebel all broke 80 in their matches.  Nice shooting, guys!


Remember this year's winner will defend the trophy this fall.  Thanks to Al Fritz and Joe Fields for setting up the new format and taking time to meet with the Virginia folks.  A special shout out to Prospect Bay's Captain Dave Taylor for his efforts in coordinating the home and home event.








River Cup This Weekend

The River Cup Will be held this Sunday May 18th, 2014 at Prospect Bay Country Club and Army Navy Country Club.  The match will determine which side of the Potomac River the enormous trophy will reside for the year.  We wish Prospect Bay the best in bringing the Trophy north.  Go get'em Guys!



This will be the 6th year that the MPGCC has co-sponsered the event, The River Cup, with the Northern Virginia Conference.  The format for the 2014 River Cup is changing from previous years.  The new format will include each 2014 Champion from Maryland and Virginia going head to head in a "home and home" match.  The match will be played between October 19th, 2014 and November 23, 2014 to determine the Maryland/Virginia Champion.  The format is comprised of hybrid rules used both by Maryland and Virginia Conferences.  They are:


1) Participants - Champion vs. Champion
2) # of Players - 12 vs.12
3) Weekend Tee Times
4) Matches will be played at scratch with combined indexes of 10,14, and 18 at each course
5) Minimium indexes will be 4.5, 5.5, and 7.0 respectively
6) Scoring - 1 point front, 1 point back, 1 point match - ties are 1/2 point


Virginia will be the home team in even years and Maryland in the odd years, therefore in the case of a tie a sudden death playoff will occur at the home team course

Thank you to Al Fritz, Joe Fields and Rich Miller for their efforts in making this event happen.

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